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Code Compliance Consulting

Code Compliance Consulting is the service of communicating and explain the intent of the codes and standards applicable to the project at hand.  Knowledgeable staff with decades of hands on experience passes this know-how to client and their representatives showing how to effectively apply them to the project to ensure time and money is not wasted during the design and permitting process.

Permit Administration/Expediting

Permit Administration/Expediting is the main reason why clients use our type of firm.  It is key to provide clients that behind-the-scenes role in assisting individual/companies get permits through the permit process with municipal/county/state agencies as efficiently and quickly as possible.   To put it simply expeditors are paid to understand, navigate and advise owners, design professionals and companies on how to get their projects approved more quickly.

Inspection Management

Inspection Management is the service provided to assist our clients during the inspection period of any project to provide proper representation of knowledgeable individuals to coordinate with municipal/county/state inspectors at inspections to assisting to ‘pass’ inspections and/or provide detailed corrective action plan for those ‘failed’ inspections.

Open / Expired Permit Closure

Open/Expired Permit Closure is the service of closing out permits which have been issued but never properly inspected and closed by the municipality/county/state.  Building permits have a time limitation and are deemed null and void if the work is not completed and inspected, and the permit subsequently closed, within the time allowed by the Florida Building Code.  Permits which are not properly closed are referred to as open or expired.  These permits remain attached to the property until closed.  Our team coordinates the task needed to complete these permits. 

Violation Resolution

Violation Resolution is the service of closing out violations which have been issued by municipal/county/state agencies.  These violations are usually for work/activities in conflict with minimum standards for buildings, for work done without a permit and non-building issues.  Violations are very serious and need to be addressed immediately.  Violations are issued to protect public health, safety and general welfare as they relate to the construction and occupancy of buildings/structures therefore fines are accessed after a predetermined time period and can compound daily resulting in thousands of dollars in fines. Our team coordinates the required task needed to bring conditions into compliance and coordinate inspections in order to come into compliance and ‘closing’ out violations.  


Re-Occupancy Permitting

Many municipalities require residential sales to undergo this process.  Understanding what the inspector is looking for can reduce and in many cases eliminate the need for corrective work that would need to be done to come into compliance.  This can usually be done with a simple site visit prior to conducting this inspection allowing the client to proactively make necessary changes.  Our team coordinates the task needed to complete these permits. 

Tenant Improvements

These are changes made to the interior of a commercial or industrial property by its owner to accommodate the needs of a tenant.   Our professional staff manages this process and coordination between the property owner and tenant to reach a successful result making the permitting process a smooth coordinated effort.

De-Watering Permits

Is the process to acquire required authorization from State and Federal agencies for the ‘Dewatering’ removal of construction groundwater intrusion and/or storm water accumulation from sites less than one acre and short-term and long-term dewatering of foundation sumps into local water tables. This is a very technical permit which establishes permit eligibility conditions, notice of intent requirements, effluent limitations, standards, prohibitions, and best management practices.  Specialized staff will handle this requirement of yours to ensure compliance and successful permit issuance.

Construction / Project Mgmt.

In coordination with our industry partners we can coordinate and manage the construction service that would be needed for most projects.  We can manage the process which usually starts with planning, design, site work and continues until the project is built and ready for use.

Private Provider Services

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Lien Mitigation

Lien Mitigation is the service that is needed if Violation/Fines are ignored and a legal Lien has been placed on the property.  Once violations or open/expired are closed by compliance inspections they can be mitigated to lower amounts.  Our team represents our clients before enforcement boards or special master hearings to accomplish this goal. 


Beer, Wine & Liquor Licenses

Attaining the necessary permits in order to sell alcohol can be a difficult, frustrating process.   Priority one is to make sure patrons can be served from opening day ensuring profitable operations.  Our knowledgeable staff can navigate the state and local approval process which can be multi-leveled and arduous.  

ADA Compliance Consulting

ADA Compliance can be an overlooked necessity in this business environment.  Most business and public access buildings are required to periodically make improvement per the ADA Compliance laws. Our firm in association with design professionals can identify architectural and other barriers that impede access to your business by people with physical disabilities.  Reports are prepared for both interior/exterior areas providing solutions insuring compliance with all laws.

Surveying & Planning Services

Through the partnership with design professionals our firm utilizes all our contacts, tools of the profession and modern techniques to realize a client’s vision.  We excel in promoting the creative design process; through ideas and innovative project solutions which allows us to produce innovative, cost effective projects that can be successfully built.


Certificates of Use / Occupancy

The Certificate of Use assures that the business is allowed to be established in the zoning district where it is to be located. It also confirms that the structure was built for the proposed type of business to be opened.  While the Certificate of Occupancy allows for the occupancy of the structure after the success closure of a permit certifying the structure is safe for occupancy.

Notice of Commencement Proc

If your construction project contract exceeds $2,500.00, a Notice of Commencement must be filed by the homeowner or contractor.  Our firm files this paperwork with the Clerk of the Court (County Records Division) prior to commencement of construction of a project, and ensures that a certified copy or affidavit attesting to the recording of the Notice of Commencement must be posted at the jobsite.

Business / Occ. Licensing

Business licenses, permits and registrations are a necessary requirement for a business to operate. 

It is important to know business licenses, permits and registrations serve the purpose of advising the licensing authorities that the business is functioning and meeting safety, soundness and tax regulations for the authorities.  Our staff will evaluate the particulars of the business and provide direction on acquiring the proper licenses.



Sign Permits

Sign Permitting is the service is key to the image of any business.  Signage code/zoning requirements have changed considerable over the last few years.  Knowledge of allowances, variance and electrical requirements are critical to a successful permit issuance on proposed signage. Retail companies will go through re-image/branding programs, we can offer the most time effective service to help this transition.

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