As an aide in helping our clients understand that work that we do, we have listed out the 5 Permit Stages that typically applies to all permitting processes.


  • Receive order and originate customer file

  • Data Process of all information into website system
  • Determination of proper product approvals (NOA’s – Notice of Acceptance)
  • Research all materials purchased
  • Determine proper NOA’s
  • Property appraisal information
  • Research Property Appraisers website for all property ID #’s & correct municipality
  • Determine rightful owner & legal address for verification of property
  • Determine proper municipality & fill out application
  • Match property control numbers
  • Apply all known information to application
  • Affix “sign here & notarize”
  • Address outgoing & return self-addressed & stamped envelopes
  • Notice of Commencements (NOC’s)
  • Determine NOC necessity for municipality
  • Fill in known information (owner/contractor, etc.)
  • Affix “sign here & notarize”
  • Supplementary information
  • Determine further requirements needed to complete package (HOA’s, shutter permit #’s, etc.)
  • Mail
  • Apps, all supplemental & NOC’s
  • Letter of explanation
  • Await signed return from customer
  • Measure
  • Locate proper measures & drawings from installer
  • Check for all required information
  • Make requests for further information if required
  • Await return of further information.


    • Engineering

    • Prepare file for dispersal to Engineer for all calculations required
    • Transport file to Engineer
    • Complete “signed & sealed” from Engineer when required
    • Pick-up completed components from Engineer


      • Assembly of returned data
      • Copy & assemble package according to municipality requirements
      • Produce one copy of back-up
      • Pull proper NOA’s & make multiple copies
      • Hi-light CORRECT materials being used
      • Hi-light EXACT installation procedures for each product on each NOA
      • Incorporate all data into website data for updating
      • Schedule permit for submittal
      • Expedite to municipality
      • Pay submittal fees when applicable
      • Submit invoice
      • Tracking of permit progress
      • Several times per week, visually or physically check on permit progress
      • Retrieve comments/requirements if applicable
      • Address any problems with customer, installer or contractor
      • Pick-up corrections from source
      • Fill out applications necessary to submit corrections required when applicable
      • Supply proper notary, documentations, etc. on corrections
      • Supply expeditor with completed correction package for submittal
      • Submit & make supplement changes for corrections at municipality
      • Return to step 1. To track correction


  • Permit pick-up
  • Pay fees when applicable
  • Make copy for completed permit package for storage
  • Schedule issued permit for delivery to installer
  • Expediting
  • Supply expeditor with permit & delivery permit
  • Status 4 completion information into data system


  • Inspections
  • Await notification of completed installation
  • Contact customer and municipality to set up inspection appointment
  • Track visually or physically for inspection completion
  • Contact customer with final results
  • Contact municipality for final inspection results
  • Status 5 information upon clearance into data system
  • Rejected final inspections
  • Contact municipality for final inspection problem
  • Make comprehensive determination of responsible party on rejection
  • Contact contractor, installer, vendor or home owner on rejection issues
  • Request resolution information
  • Retrieve, assemble and implement resolutions
  • Restart inspection process step P-1
  • Pay re-inspection fees
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